English-Speaking Cultures (B.A.)


Exam schedule for foundation module A “Introduction to English Literatures Part I and II” (Summer term 2020)

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are unable to offer a final written exam in the test center in the summer term 2020. Instead, we have opted for an alternative form of assessment – Portfolio: final deadline for submission – August, 31st 2020.

Please contact the coordinator for the foundation module A, Dr. Jana Nittel (jnittel@uni-bremen.de) for detailed instructions.

Register on PABO/FlexNow for the Summer term 2020 “Introduction to English Literatures Part I” or “Introduction to English Literatures Part II”

Pabo registration deadline: 30.06.2020

ONLY registered students are permitted to sit the exam.

Confirmation: Please make sure to have received a confirmation email when registering on PABO. A list containing the students’ numbers of all registered candidates will be circulated on July 10th 2020.