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System Builders Kim, Alani, Hall, Lewis, Millard, Shadbolt, Weal
Development Dates 2002-ongoing
Languages English
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The Artequakt project is working towards automatically generating narrative biographies of artists from knowledge that has been extracted from the Web and maintained in a knowledge base. An overview of the system architecture is presented here and the three key components of that architecture are explained in detail, namely knowledge extraction, information management and biography construction. It is our belief that by building a story-schema layer on top of an ontology we can create dynamic stories within a certain domain.


Main reference

Sanghee Kim, Harith Alani, Wendy Hall, Paul Lewis, David Millard, Nigel Shadbolt, and Mark Weal.
Artequakt: Generating Tailored Biographies with Automatically Annotated Fragments from the Web.
In Proceedings Semantic Authoring, Annotation and Knowledge Markup Workshop in the 15th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Lyon, France, 2002.

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