System Name
Caption Generation System
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System Builders Mittal,Moore, Carenini, Roth, Mattis
Development Dates 1995-1998
Languages English
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Builds on: FUF


generates captions to complex automatically produced graphical presentations


Vibhu O. Mittal, Steven Roth, Johanna D. Moore, Joe Mattis, and Guiseppe Carenini.
Generating explanatory captions for information graphics.
In Proceedings of the 15th. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'95), volume 2, pages 1276--1283, Montréal, Canada, 1995. Main reference

Vibhu O. Mittal, Johanna D. Moore, Giuseppe Carenini, and Steven Roth.
Describing complex charts in natural language: a caption generation system.
Computational Linguistics, 24(3):431--468, September 1998.

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