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System Builders Cerbah
Development Dates 1991-1992
Languages French
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Causal explanation generation


Farid Cerbah, Corinne Fournier, and P.-Y. Raccah.
Qualitative Reasoning and Argumentation: Study of Some Affinities when Generating Causal Explanations.
In Proceedings of IMACS, 1991.

Farid Cerbah.
Une approche de génération de textes pour la production d'explication causales.
In 12th International Conference of Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and Natural Language, Avignon, 1992. Main reference

Farid Cerbah.
Integrating qualitative reasoning and text planning to generate causal explanations.
In Proceedings of the fifteenth International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING-92), volume II, pages 617--623, Nantes, France, 1992. International Committe on Computational Linguistics.

Farid Cerbah.
Generating causal explanations: from qualitative models to natural language texts.
In B. Neumann, editor, 10th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Chichester, England, 1992.

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