System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Poller
Development Dates 1993-1996
Languages German, English
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Builds on: TAG-GEN


Efficient Formulation of Dialogue Contributions: development and implementation of an efficient How-to-Say component for the generation of system utterances of a speech dialogue system for train inquiries. Extends the TAG-GEN generator developed within the WIP system


Main reference

P. Poller, P. Heisterkamp, and D. Stall.
An interface protocol from the speech generator to the speech synthesis module of a dialogue system.
In John A. Bateman, editor, Speech Generation in Multimodal Information Systems and its Practical Application: Proceedings of the 2nd 'SPEAK!' Workshop, number 302 in GMD-Studien, pages 97--104. GMD, Sankt Augustin, Germany, 1996.

P. Poller and P. Heisterkamp.
EFFENDI -- Effizientes Formulieren von Dialogbeiträgen: Bericht zum Projektende, Handbuch zur SIL-Schnittstelle.
Technischer Bericht F3-96-014, Daimler-Benz AG, Forschung Informationstechnik, Ulm, 1996.

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