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B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Goldberg,Kittredge, Polgučre,Driedger
Development Dates 1989-2000
Languages English,French
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FoG (Forecast Generator) provides bilingual generation of operational weather forecast reports. The first operational forecast produced by FoG was issued on Feb.27, 1992.


Laurent Bourbeau, Denis Carcagno, E. Goldberg, Richard Kittredge, and Alain Polgučre.
Bilingual generation of weather forecasts in an operations environment.
In Hans Kargren, editor, Proceedings of the 13th. International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING'90), pages 318--320, Helsinki, Finland, 1990. International Committee on Computational Linguistics. Main reference

E. Goldberg, N. Driedger, and R. Kittredge.
Using natural-language processing to produce weather forecasts.
IEEE Expert, 9(2):45--53, 1994.

E. Goldberg, N. Driedger, and R. Kittredge.
Using Natural-Language Processing to Produce Weather Forecasts.
IEEE Expert, 9(2):45--53, 1994.

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