System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Claassens
Development Dates 2004-2005
Languages English
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This English Question/Answer (QA) system is template-based and is not very sophisticated. However, this open source NLG system can be used in many practical and online cases.

Till now, this QA system can be used to answer questions that are related to rids. This domain has a very restricted lexicon. Therefore, it is an easy domain in which such a system can be applied to.

O.L.A. is developed in Linux environment in AWK programming code (see website). The gaps of the randomly chosen template sentences are filled with usage of external data. Furthermore, an example of an avatar will be generated (form: emoticon).


Main reference

Ralf Claassens.
Applied Natural Language Generation Systems in Grid Computing.
PhD thesis, Tilburg University, Faculty of Arts, Tilburg, 2005.
(in progress).

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