System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Jameson
Development Dates 1994
Languages German
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dialogue system with user modelling


Main reference

Anthony Jameson, Bernhard Kipper, Alassane Ndiaye, Ralph Schäfer, Joep Simons, Thomas Weis, and Detlev Zimmermann.
Cooperating to be Noncooperative: The Dialog System PRACMA.
In B. Nebel and L. Dreschler-Fischer, editors, Proceedings of the Eighteenth German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-94), pages 106--117. Springer, 1994.
Also available as: Technical Report No 106, Sonderforschungsbereich 314 (PRACMA), University of Saarbrücken, June 1994.

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