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B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Robin, McKeown
Development Dates 1993-1996
Languages English
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Builds on: FUF


revision-based generation of summaries of baseball games


Jacques Robin.
A revision-based generation architecture for reporting facts in their historical context.
In Helmut Horacek and Michael Zock, editors, New concepts in natural language generation, pages 238--268. Pinter Publishers, London, 1993.

J. Robin.
Revision-based generation of Natural Language Summaries providing historical Back-ground: corpus-based analysis, design, implementation and evaluation.
Phd dissertation, Columbia University, NewYork, 1994.
TR CUCS-034-94. Main reference

Jacques Robin.
Evaluating the portability of revision rules for incremental summary generation.
In Proceedings of the 34th. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computationa Linguistics (ACL'96), Santa Cruz, CA, 1996.

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