System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Wahlster et al.
Development Dates 2000-2006
Languages German
URL (if available)
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A project to develop a multimodal, multimedia, self-explanatory, user-adaptive interface for the dialogic interaction of humans and technology. This should include substantial presentation design components, involving natural language as one of several output modalities.



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In Proc. of the 7th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology - Eurospeech 2001, volume 3, pages 1547--1550. 2001.

Wolfgang Wahlster.
Towards Symmetric Multimodality: Fusion and Fission of Speech, Gesture, and Facial Expression.
In Proceedings of the 2003 meeting of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2003. Main reference

Wolfgang Wahlster, editor.
SmartKom: Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems.
Cognitive Technologies. Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, 2006.

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