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Tiddler is a prototype system for delivering tailored information to users. Tiddler combines structured information from databases with text from existing web pages to deliver information tailored both to the user and the delivery medium.

The information is tailored for delivery to a full-featured web browser or a hand held device like a personal organiser. As screen size decreases, there is a need to reformat information while preserving meaning and clarity. Tiddler is designed to automate this process. Tiddler technology is applicable in any situation where tailoring of information from diverse sources is required to deliver value-added services to customers


ShiJian Lu, Francois Paradis, CÚcile Paris, Stephen Wan, Ross Wilkinson, and Mingfang Wu.
Generating Personal Travel Guides from Discourse Plans.
In International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based Systems, August 2000.


This paper describes a system that delivers travel guides tailored to individual needs. It does so by integrating a discourse planner with a system for querying the web and generating synthesised web pages using document prescriptions. We show by way of example how a user model can lead to a personal travel guide, and show what this might look like in different media. We briefly describe the investigations we are undertaking to determine the utility of such approaches. Main reference

CÚcile Paris, Stephen Wan, Ross Wilkinson, and Mingfang Wu.
Generating Personal Travel Guides - and who wants them?
In 8th International Conference on User Modeling, 2001.


Travel guides help people select accommodation, restaurants and activities when traveling. There are increasing numbers of guides generated based on personal preference. Some are simply filtered. Others use more sophisticated strategies. In this paper we describe a system that integrates a discourse planner with a system for retrieving parts of documents from the web and generates synthesized web pages. We then investigate whether guides generated by such a system are actually preferred by users over more general

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