System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Becker, Finkler, Karbusch, Kilger
Development Dates 1995
Languages German
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German surface generator for the Verbmobil project; incremental


T. Becker, W. Finkler, A. Kilger, and P. Poller.
An efficient Kernel for Multilingual Generation in Speech-to-Speech Dialogue Translation.
In Coling-ACL '98, volume 1, pages 110--116, Montréal, 1998. Main reference

Wolfgang Finkler and Anne Kilger.
Inkrementelle Generierung in Verbmobil.
In G. Goerz, W. Menzel, and P. Regel-Brietzmann, editors, Prozedurale Anforderungen an die maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung -- Workshop während der Jahrestagung KI-94, pages 79--88, Saarbrücken, Germany, 1995.
Verbmobil Report 60.

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