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System Builders O'Donnell
Development Dates 1990-1994
Languages English
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A system for developing and using systemic grammars for generation and analysis. The Sentence Generation component of this system generates single sentences from a semantic input. This semantic input could be supplied by a human user. Alternatively, the semantic input can be generated as the output of a multi-sentential text generation system, allowing such a system to use the WAG system as its realisation component. The sentence generator can thus be treated a black-box unit. Taking this approach, the designer of the multi-sentential generation system can focus on multi-sentential concerns without worrying about sentential issues.


Michael O'Donnell.
Sentence analysis and generation: a systemic perspective.
PhD thesis, University of Sydney, Department of Linguistics, Sydney, Australia, 1994.
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Michael J. O'Donnell.
Sentence Generation Using the Systemic WorkBench.
In Proceedings of the Fifth European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, pages 235--238, Leiden, The Netherlands, May 1995. Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Leiden.

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