System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Horacek,Sprenger
Development Dates 1988-1993
Languages German
URL (if available)
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Helmut Horacek, H. Bergmann, R. Block, M. Fliegner, M. Gerlach, Massimo Poesio, and Michael Sprenger.
From Meaning to Meaning : a Walk through WISBER's Semantic Pragmatic Processing.
In W. Hoeppner, editor, GWAI-88. Springer, 1988. Main reference

H. Horacek.
Decision making throughout the generation process in the systems WISBER and DIAMOD.
In H. Horacek and M. Zock, editors, New concepts in Natural Language Generation: planning, realization, systems, pages 215--237. Pinter, London, 1993.

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