System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders Pianta, Tovena, Pianesi
Development Dates 1997-1999
Languages Italian
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C-STAR II generator producing sentences from an interlingua content representation (Cstar Interchange Format): target of Cstar project is to build a speech-to-speech translation system able to deal with spontaneous speech in the application area of tourist information.


F. Pianesi, E. Pianta, and L. Tovena.
Comparing methodologies for evaluating the generator in a speech-to-speech translation system.
In P. St. Dizier, editor, 7th EWNLG, pages 145--154, Toulouse, 1999. Main reference

E. Pianta and L. M. Tovena.
XIG: generating from interchange format using mixed representations.
In Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIIA'99), Bologna, 1999.

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