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B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders McRoy, Channarukul, Ali
Development Dates 1999-2000
Languages English
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YAG is a real-time, general-purpose, template-based generation system


Main reference

Songsak Channarukul.
YAG: a template-based natural language generator for Real Time systems.
Master thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, December 1999.

Susan W. McRoy, Songsak Channarukul, and Syed S. Ali.
Enriching partially-specified representations for text realization using an attribute grammar.
In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation (INLG 2000), Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, June 2000.

Susan W. McRoy, Songsak Channarukul, and Syed S. Ali.
A natural language generation component for dialog systems.
In Working Notes of the AAAI'99 Workshop on Mixed-Initiative Intelligence, Orlando, FL, July 1999. American Association for Artificial Intelligence.

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