List of Generation Systems as given in Michael Zock's inventory from the book of the Pisa European Workshop (Adorni/Zock, Trends in NLG, Springer, 1996, pp2-6)

  Yngve 1961 English   random generation with a generative grammar
  Klein 1965 English   story generator
  Weizenbaum 1966 English ELIZA simulation of a dialog with a psychotherapist
  Harper et al. 1969 English   random paragraph generation
  Friedman 1969 English   testbed for transformational grammar
  Winograd 1972 English SHRDLU description of a microworld (cubes, blocks)
  Simmons & Slocum 1972 English   sentence generation by using an ATN
  Carbonell et al. 1973 English SCHOLAR natural language interface for teaching geography
  Wong 1975 English   sentence generation from a semantic network
  Goldman 1975 English BABEL paraphrase generation & lexical choice on the basis of abstract representations (conceptual dependencies)
  Clippinger 1977 English ERMA simulation of performance errors (dialog with a psychiatrist)
  Cohen 1978 English OSCAR speech act planning and planning of the message (no linguistic output)
  Davey 1978 English PROTEUS generation of comments when playing TIC-TAC-TOE
  Lehnert 1979 English QUALM goal sensitive elaboration of a response (the depth depending on the nature of the question)
  Mc Donald 1980 English MUMBLE surface generator (MUMBLE-86 being portable)
  Meehan 1980 English TALESPIN planning and generation of fables
  Weiner 1980 English BLAH generation of explanations concerning income taxes
  Carroll 1980 English   CAL system for teaching English
  Moghrabi 1980 French   generation of cooking recipes
  Bates & Ingria 1981 English ILIAD CAL for transformational grammar
  Mann & Moore 1981 English KDS generation of paragraphs
  Kempen & Hoenkamp 1982 Dutch IPG simulation of human, incremental sentence production
  Mann & Matthiessen 1983 English NIGEL & PENMAN portable systemic grammar 
  Kukich 1983 English ANA generation of stock market reports
  Swartout 1983 English XPLAIN explanation of the results of a medical expert system
  Granville 1983 English PAUL generation of coherent texts 
  Wahlster et al. 1983 German HAM-ANS determination of the adequate level of a response
  Mauldin 1984 English KAFKA sentence generation from a semantic network
  Sigurd 1984 Swedish COMMENTATOR generation of scene descriptions
  Buchberger & Horacek 1984 German VIE-GEN sentence generation from a semantic network
  Appelt 1985 English KAMP modeling of the user's beliefs and goals
  McKeown 1985 English TEXT use of schemata for determining content & text structure
  Danlos 1985 French   use of discourse grammar
  Simonin 1985 French   optimization, i.e. restructuring of plans in order to describe the economic situation of different countries
  Contant 1985 French FRANA French version of ANA
  Mc Coy 1985 English ROMPER correction and anticipation of wrong inferences
  Boyer et al. 1985 French   generation of paraphrases
  Rösner 1986 German SEMSYN summaries about the labor market
  Pollack 1986 English SPIRIT determination of the adequacy of information
  Kehl 1986 German GEOTEXT description of geometrical configurations
  Kronfeld 1986 English BERTRAND generation of definite descriptions 
  Patten 1986 English SLANG use of systemic grammars for NLG
  Kittredge et al. 1986 English RAREAS generation of weather forecast reports
  Novak 1987 German NAOS generation of coherent scene descriptions
  Conklin 1987 English GENARO description of pictures
  Jacobs 1987 English KING help system for UNIX
  Kukich 1987 English   connectionist-based sentence generation
  Jameson 1987 English IMP tailoring the content by taking the user into account
  de Finney et al. 1987 French PARDA generation of arguments
  Mellish  1987 English   text generation from plans
  André et al. 1987 German SOCCER generation of soccer reports
  Nirenburg 1987 English DIOGENES generation for machine-translation
  Ishizaki 1988 Japanese   generation of reports about terrorrist crimes
  Busemann 1988 German SUTRA surface generator of HAM-ANS dialog system
  Houghton & Pearson 1988 English DORIS planning dialogues (vocal output)
  Gabriel 1988 English YH simulation of conscious processes of writing
  Jacobs 1988 English PHRED multilingual generator
  Hovy 1988 English PAULINE pragmatically motivated text planning
  Paris 1988 English TAILOR tailoring the text to the user's knowledge
  Jordanskaja et al. 1988 English GOSSIP implementation of the meaning-text theory, praphrase
  Miller & Rennels 1988 English PROSENET   
        TEXNET generation of clinical summaries
  Finkler et al. 1989 German POPEL-HOW incremental sentence generation 
  Pemberton 1989 English GESTER story generation
  Maybury 1989 English GENNY use of RST relations for producing coherent texts
  Jablonski et al. 1990 German NUGGET text generation from a linguistic basis
  Bourbeau et al. 1990 English FOG mutlilingual generation of weather forecast reports
  Gailly 1990 French HERMES processing of quantifier scoping
  Cawsey 1990 English EDGE plan-based generation of explanatory discourse
  Mitkov 1990 Bulgarian  GECO production of geometrical descriptions
  Dale 1990 English EPICURE generation of cooking recipes
  de Smedt 1990 Dutch IPF parallel-incremental sentence generation 
  Meteer 1990 English SPOKESMAN producing texts by revising
  Fawcett et al. 1990 English GENESYS with NIGEL the largest grammar of English
  McKeown et al. 1990 English COMET generation of explanations (multimodal output)
  Kreyss & Novak 1990 German PIT text planning
  Namer 1990 French   generation of summaries of Verdi's operas
  Reithinger 1990 German POPEL-WHAT incremental sentence generation
  Moore et al. 1990 English EES generation of explanations
  Zukerman 1991 English WISHFUL content planning for teaching algebra
  Nogier 1991 French SYLAE sentence generation from conceptual graphs
  Zock 1991 French SWIM CALL system for learning to speak French
  Ward 1992 English FIG connectionist generator
  Smadja & McKeown 1992 English COOK use of collocation for generating stock market reports
  Kantrowitz & Bates 1992 English GLINDA narration and intercharacter communication
  Rubinoff 1992 English  IGEN Weather forecasts
  van der Linden 1992 English IMAGENE instructions for operating telephones
  Fawcett et al. 1992 English COMMUNAL generation with systemic functional grammar
  Roesner & Stede 1992 German TECHDOC multilingual instructions for automobile maintenance
  Reiter et al 1992 English IDAS generation of on-line help documentation
  Inui et al.  1992 Japanese WEIVER revision-based architecture
  Elhadad 1992 English FUF implementation of Functional Unification Grammar
  Wahlster et al. 1993 German WIP multimodal generation, instructions for technical products
  Robin 1993 English STREAK revision-based generation of summaries
  McKeown et al. 1994 English PLANDOC summary generation
  Cadlwell & Korelsky 1994 English EXCLASS generation of job descriptions
  Cline 1994 English KALOS Knowledge-based generation with revision
  Jokinen 1994 English CDM generation of explanatory dialogues
  Gagnon & Lapalme 1995 French PRETEXTE generation of temporal expressions
  André 1995 German PREPLAN plan-based multimedia generation
  Kosseim 1995 French SPIN planning of instructional texts
  Bateman & Teich 1995 English KOMET multilingual generation with systemic functional grammar
  Nicolov et al. 1995 English   flexible generation of sentences from conceptual graphs
Figure 1 : Some generation systems          

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