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Extracting specialized bibliographies according to area

The following submits a search request to the version of the bibliography that is mirrored at The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies site of Alf-Christian Achilles by using the excellent search facilities of that site. The tags for selection of the extracts are not yet completely exhaustive, but give an indication of the direction being moved in.Further suggestions are very welcome.

If you want to select the publications of a particular author, rather than investigating a subject area, go here.

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You can also select according to virtual bibliographies, recreating bibiographies maintained elsewhere.
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The particular virtual collections viewable centre around references to systemic linguistics, natural language generation, general linguistics and ontology. Others will be added in time. You may also count the number of references that would be returned by a search by selecting the form of the results appropriately.

General search facilities for particular items are best carried out at the Collection's site proper.