Particular Instructions for use of KPML 3.2 with ACL 4.3, 4.3.1 and Loom 3.0

These instructions allow the replacement of some individual files within the KPML 3.2 release instead of downloading the entire new zip file from 5th. November 2001. Re-compilation is then required. It is also recommended to have at least 3.2 patch level 63.

Bremen, 15th. October 2001

Bugs/Known Problems with ACL4.3...

There appears to be a bug whereby the Quit option in many of the subsidiary windows quits the main parent (typically the development window) rather than the subsidiary window. Suggested workaround: use only the window quit icons and not the quit options in the menus.

Depending on the speed of the machine used, you may get "Warning: frame creation timeout..." errors. If this occurs, you can increase the value of the flag kpml-i::*frame-wait-timeout* (say to 16), or start up KPML without the frame manager. The latter option is done by starting the user interface with a call such as:

(kpml-i::startup :reset T :frame-manager nil :color T)

Another solution is to get a faster machine... :-)


For backwards compatibility with ACL4.3 a number of source code files have needed to be changed. This was done on October 15th. 2001. If you have source KPML 3.2 files prior to this date then you can either replace the individual changed source files as listed below or simply download the entire zip file from the KPML main download page.

The changed file are the following 4:

The old versions can be safely deleted.

Use of Loom 3.0

If Loom 3.0 is used, then a further file needs to be changed. Again, this can be done by replacing downloaded files with the new complete set from the KPML download page, or by replacing the old version with the new of the single file:


In addition, if linguistic resources have been downloaded, then these may not yet have appropriate Loom 3.0 knowledge base declarations. For example, if the file for the Upper Model (usually: /General/ Semantics/merged-upper-model.loom) has the following incantation following the acknowledgements:

#-Loom2.1(loom::in-kb 'loom::penman-kb)
#+Loom2.1(Loom:in-context loom::ideation-base-0)

then this needs to be replaced by:

(:version-case (":LOOM")
((- "2.1") (loom::in-kb 'loom::penman-kb))
(t (Loom::in-context loom::ideation-base-0)))

This is the same for any Loom file that is loaded as a domain model. For user-defined domain models, where you are certain that the model with *only* be used locally and with Loom 3.0, then of course the conditionalization can be left out.

The recommended load procedure is then: *first* load a compiled version of Loom 3.0 into a running Lisp image and *then* compile or load a compiled KPML version.