KPML 4. Release notes

The KPML 4 contains in addition to the usual round of improvements and bug fixes some more experimental additions for handling Unicode lexicons and linguistic resources represented in XML. Things to be aware of before using the beta release of the new KPML are listed in the table below.


In order to accept XML input, KPML relies on the CL-XML package from James Anderson. If you wish to develop this aspect of KPML-use further, the latest CL-XML package should be downloaded and installed from James Anderson's CL-XML site. KPML is currently being developed with version 0.918 of CL-XML.

KPML 4 can export XML versions of its linguistic resources without any additional packages.

If you intend to use the XML capability, please let me know. I would be interested to know just why and which linguistic resources are to be represented in XML. The XML Schemata for the resources are still not quite finalized and so comments on this issue would also be useful.

Loom 4.0

If you are using Loom 4.0 and Harlequin Lispworks for Windows then you should be aware of a bug in the defsystem.lisp file supplied with Loom which prevents the Loom installation being on any drive apart from C. A workaround is to replace the Loom-release defsystem.lisp with the file cond-defsystem.lisp from the KPML4 distribution (copying it and changing its name to defsystem.lisp). One can also download this zip file which contains instructions and slightly changed files for the Loom4 distribution; to install read the instructions in the readme it contains.

In addition, the richer set of concepts with Loom 4's built-in theories gives rise to some concept conflicts with the Upper Model. In particular, the concept "temporal" is claimed by both. Currently, the Upper Model gets rid of Loom's "temporal" when loaded: this is not ideal and it may well interfere with Loom's reasoning in the temporal area. If this is important for you, let me know.

Allegro ACL5 and 6 KPML 4 beta should compile without problems on both ACL5 and 6. If it does not please let me know giving the exact ACL version number and machine type used. When using KPML 4 beta under ACL5 and 6, however, generation of examples should always be done from the Example Manager first. For some reason that has not yet been identified (prizes for the first solution?!), generating directly from the development window will fail the first time because of it not finding an appropriate pane: this behaviour disappears after generating from the Example Manager.
Lispworks 4.1+ No known bugs or problems at this time.

A trial standalone images of KPML4 with XML and Unicode disabled for present is downloadable zipped here. One of the blackbox generators available has, however, been made with KPML4.