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The Bremen Ontology Research Group

The Bremen Ontology Research Group was established in 2003 originally in order to support the ontology activities of the Collaborative Research Center on Spatial Cognition and now other initiatives requiring formal and linguistic ontologies as well.

Our goals are:

  • to construct a set of interrelated general common sense ontology modules suitable for all areas of representation, but focusing particularly on spatial representations and information relevant for robotic movement in space: including size, shape and colour representations, routes, and obstacles.
  • to construct a general linguistically motivated ontology for
    interfacing between all computational components developed within our research centres and natural language technology components for natural dialog.
  • to investigate formal modelling and managment techniques with varied computational properties as applied to both the ontologies individually and to their mutual relationships, providing for perspectivalism, functional roles and granularity.

For more information on ontology, see also the International Association for Ontology and its Applications




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