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Exchange Worldwide at the University of Bremen - Study in Canada Guideline for applying for a term or an academic exchange at one of the following four Canadian universities: University of Guelph; University of Guelph-Humber; University of Ottawa and Université de Montréal (eligible for all undergraduate [Bachelor] and graduate students [Master] from all twelve faculties of the University of Bremen)

What are you applying for?

A term abroad at one of the following four Canadian universities: Université de Montréal (language of instruction: French); Université d‘Ottawa/ University of Ottawa (languages of instruction: English and French); University of Guelph (language of instruction: English) and the University of Guelph-Humber (language of instruction: English). Depending on your study programme, you will apply for three to four courses primarily from one field of study and in exceptional cases, from two fields of study.

Term times and period of exchange

Please select either the Fall term (September until December) or the Winter term (January until April). Applications focus on the next academic year 2023/24.

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2023

Financial considerations

You will not have to pay the substantial tuition fees but need to be prepared to finance the following: flights, accommodation and food, mandatory health insurance plan (Guelph: University Health Insurance Plan - C$ 212/per term, Student Health & Dental Plan - C$ 175/per term, Bus Pass - C$ 125/per term; Montréal (17/18): C$ 324/per term; Ottawa C$ 208/per term; Guelph-Humber (19/20): C$ 118.71). All information is subject to change.

You can find information on scholarships and funding opportunities here: studies/studying-abroad/scholarships-and-funding-opportunities/

Semester schedule and course selection

  1. Université de Montréal :

à The University in Figures: à General information for exchange students/Fact sheet 2023/24: udem-in-an-exchange-program/

  1. Université d‘Ottawa / University of Ottawa: à General information for exchange students : student/process#step-1

à Fact sheet 2023/24: XdhYml8Z3g6NTFjMzc4NDlmZWYwZmE5Mg

  1. University of Guelph:

à General information for exchange students/Fact sheet 2023/24:

University of Guelph- Humber (undergraduate courses only):

à General information for exchange students/Fact sheet 2023/24:

Support and Advice

Step 1: Please contact Dr. Jana Nittel (Coordinator/Exchange officer for academic exchange with four Canadian partner universities): https://www.uni- lektoren/dr-phil-jana-nittel Please book an appointment for my office hours on Stud. IP.

Step 2: Also explore the website provided by the International Office at Bremen University for general procedures and application methods regarding your

exchange:                     studies/international-studies/studying-abroad/exchange-worldwide/

Application process

Eligible for all undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate students (Master) from all twelve faculties of the University of Bremen

How to apply?

Database access Mobility Online - Access to the application portal Mobility Online Exchange Worldwide: studies/international-studies/studying-abroad/exchange-worldwide/

Please register by mid-January on the application portal Mobility Online and upload all required application documents in pdf-format by January 31st, 2023. Please acknowledge that only complete application materials are accepted for evaluation. What are the criteria for applications?

  1. Previous academic performance (grades)
  2. Quality of the letter of motivation, project justification (quality, usefulness and value of the proposed study plan)
  3. Extra-curricular criteria (language skills: B2 (French) or C1 (English); social skills and suitability, and social engagement)

Which documents are required?

  1. Motivation letter in the language of instruction (one letter for your three choices, please include course choices – maximum of two pages)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (in English or in French for the Université de Montréal)
  3. Current proof of enrollment at the University of Bremen
  4. Transcript (e.g. if representative PABO- / FlexNow print or alternatively translated A-Level grades for first-semester students)
  5. Language Proficiency certificate (C1 English/B2 French) - Please explore the individual university’s requirements*.
  6. Two letters of recommendation (academic reference in English or French) recommended but not mandatory

How and when do I receive a response?

Successful applicants are informed electronically via Mobility-Online within four weeks of the respective application deadline. After their successful nomination,

applicants must send their application documents to their respective host university (under the guidance of Dr. Jana Nittel).

*Language Proficiency Certificates:

You can find information about the TOEFL Test and the DELF/DALF exam at the Languages Centre at the University of Bremen: and

Language requirements of the universities – please check the universities’ webpages.

You can explore students’ testimonials and reports here: https://www.uni- abroad/exchange-worldwide/north-america

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