Being Young and Growing Old in Canada and Québec/ Être jeune et vivre vieux au Canada et au Québec

Being Young and Growing Old in Canada and Québec

Interdisciplinary Conference held by the Bremen Institute of Canada and Québec Studies (BICQS)
31 January /1 February 2014

Kommunalkino Bremen City 46, Birkenstr. 1, 28195 Bremen

The conference addresses an academic audience as well as citizens from Bremen and the region who are interested in Canada and Québec studies. The attempt is to shed light on youth and age as the two biographical poles – possibly with migration back­ground – from the perspectives of the relevant aca­de­mic disciplines. This includes questions of the PISA-winner’s early childhood and school education as well as immigration policy, day-to-day work in a multicultural society and the potentially age specific political and religious beliefs of its members. Fur­ther, demographic change, social systems and the societal evaluation of aging or youth (youth culture) will be of interest. The latter will especially come into focus where indigenous appreciation of age and the tradition of knowledge are evident.   

Similar to our interdisciplinary conference on The Far North in 2010 we have won distinguished speakers from Canada and Québec plus Europe and of course from the BICQS itself who are experts in related disciplines such as educational science, sociology, political science, history, literary and media studies, labor law, health science etc. with a special focus on Canada and Québec studies.

The working languages of the conference are English and French. The publication of papers within the framework of conference proceedings is intended.

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