Current Activities


Educational Programme and Curricula


The B.A. degree courses English/American Studies and Romance/French Studies offer modules that contain Anglo-Canadianist and Franco-Canadianist components, respectively, both as compulsory courses and as optional parts of their regular syllabus. Several of these modules are also integrated in the General Studies programme of the faculty and hence open to students of other subjects who wish to attend them. Once the implementation of the B.A. and M.A. programmes will be completed, BICQS will seek to establish the interdisciplinary degree course Canadian and Québec Studies, which is planned to subsequently become incorporated in the European-Canadian Exchange Partnership (EACEA).

Our conferences have been a regular feature of our programme since 2006. They are complemented by talks on Canada- and Québec-related topics given by invited scholars either from the University of Bremen, or from other German, European and Canadian universities. These events have become a popular component of our curriculum that also gives students the opportunity to earn credit points.