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Bremen Institute for Transmedial Textuality Research!

The Bremen Institute for Transmedial Texuality Research examines all forms of cross-media textuality. We assume that all artifacts intended for communication, however they are realized materially, have their own logical form of meaning production that can only be adequately captured with the concept of textuality. Textuality in its transmedial instantiations does not arise as a closed system or a fixed structure, but is essentially dynamic, historically changeable and subject to the evolving conditions of aesthetic practice.

In the context of BITT, notions of textuality are investigated with respect to their possibilities for the design, representation, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of factual and fictional texts, both in various media and cross-medially and transmedially. This offers new stimuli for understanding the relationships between text and culture with regard to the teaching of values or of generating consensus in areas critical for the formation and maintenance of social groups. Inter-, intra-and trans-media textuality is seen as driving the processes of text comprehension and text production.