Doctoral Group “Textuality of Film”


In this doctoral research training group a focused and highly interconnected network of innovative research issues provided a reappraisal and extension of some key methods and constructs for  dealing analytically with `text’, combining insights from literary studies, linguistics, semiotics and didactics. To achieve this we concentrated on the relatively new class of `text’: film. We explicitly  place filmic artefacts alongside verbal texts so as, on the one hand, to investigate the applicability of textually-derived analytical tools such as genre, narrative and discourse and, on the other, to explicitly compare and contrast the status, properties and roles of film as textually articulated communicative artefacts. Significant benefits are expected in all of the contributing and related areas of study, making the research programme particularly attractive to excellent research students as a site of inter- and transdisciplinary work.

8 PhD students as well as further associated members of the group and their supervisors met regularly for talks, discussions and seminars. The students were supported by scholarships funded by the University of Bremen.

Members of the group:

Anja-Magali Bitter
Jihae Chung
Verena Domberg
Jennifer Henke
Jonas Koch
Magdalena Krakowski
Julia Schoderer
Janina Wildfeuer

Associated members and supervisors are affiliated to the Faculty 10 – Linguistics and Literary Theory at Bremen University. In the meantime, most PhD theses have been submitted and partly published within the book series “Textualität des Films” with Schüren-Verlag.