What we do

The International Centre for the Study and Teaching of Lesser-Used Languages (CeSTeaLuL, now called VOCES), was founded in Bremen/Germany on 7 October, 2009, the final day of the Festival of Languages, is unique globally as it is the first centre devoted exclusively to the less widely spoken languages of the world.

Hopefully, the centre will offer opportunities not only for the community of linguists to focus on lesser-used languages in their research. VOCES is also intended as the institution where speech-communities can send representatives to receive adequate training in descriptive, historical and applied linguistics, field methodology, language planning, revitalisation, etc. to enable the speech-communities to take care of their language without the necessity to rely on the expertise of outsiders. Moreover, by language classes, seminars and other events, the centre serves the purpose of giving lesser-used languages more prominence in the general public perception. Thus, VOCES contributes to safeguarding the linguistic diversity of our world.