Linguistisches Kolloquium

Sommersemester 2015

Possession as a linguistic category

Montag, 13. Juli 2015

Gästehaus der Universität Bremen, Auf dem Teerhof 58

Lidia Federica Mazzitelli


Montag, 13. Juli 2015
09:00–09:15 Lidia Federica Mazzitelli (Universität Bremen) Greetings and introduction
09:15–10:15 Bernd Heine (Universität Köln)) An areal typological dimension of predicative possession
10:15–11:00 Thomas Stolz (Universität Bremen) I don’t belong! Preliminary thoughts on the typology of belong-constructions
11:00–11:15 Coffee break
11:15–12:00 Lena Karvovskaja (Leiden University) Microvariation: possession in Ishkashimi and Shughni
12:00–12:45 Lidia Federica Mazzitelli (Universität Bremen) The syntax of possession in the languages of the Circum-Baltic area
12:45–14:00 Lunch break
14:00–14:30 Jonė Grigaliūnienė (Vilnius University) Construction to have a Nv as a means of expressing possession
14:30–15:00 Susanne Schuster (Universität Bremen) The diachronic development of a split in the Icelandic possession system
15:00–16:15 Coffee break
15:00–16:15 Postersession Eugenia Greco (Universität Frankfurt) Enclitic possessives with kinship terms in Southern Italian dialects Giuliano Castagna (University of Leeds) Possessive constructions in Modern South Arabian languages Adam Pospíšil (Univerzíta Karlová v Praze) Head-marking features of the Arabic Idafa construction Jan Křívan (Univerzíta Karlová v Praze) Pronominal and adjectival attributive possession in Czech Gökhan Özkayin (Universität Frankfurt) Definiteness and Discontinuity: possessive nominal constructions in Turkish
16:15–16:45 Cecilia Valentini (University of Florence) Competing possessive constructions in late Latin documents from Italy
16:45–17:30 Deborah Arbes (Universität Bremen) Possession in Kernwek
16:45–17:15 Fällt aus Tonia Sperling (Universität Bremen) Possession in Nigerian Pidgin English

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015 | University of Bremen, GW2, Raum A3570, Bibliothekstraße 1

Round Table about „Possession as a linguistic category“: It will be an occasion to discuss problems and new perspectives in the research about linguistic possession. All participants in the Kolloquium, especially PhD students and Post-Doc, as well as anyone who may be interested in the topic of the Round Table, are invited to participate.