Linguistisches Kolloquium

Sommersemester 2017


24. Mai 2017

Gästehaus der Universität Bremen, Auf dem Teerhof 58

Eeva Sippola
Carolin Patzelt


Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
09:00–09:45 Thomas Stolz (Bremen) What makes Hispanization interesting for language-contact studies?
09:45–10:30 Carolina Spiegel (Bremen) (Re-)Hispanization or (Re-)Castilianization? The case of spoken Judeo-Spanish in Turkey.
10:30–10:45 Coffee break
10:45–11:30 Jessica Barzen (Erlangen) 'Bagay la mal pero nou viv’ - a Cognitive Approach to Contact Phenomena between Spanish and Haitian Creole in Dominican Republic.
11:30–12:15 Miguel Gutiérrez Maté (Erlangen) On function word's transferability (L1>L2), with special focus on the Spanish-based Creole Palenquero.
12:15–14:00 Lunch break
14:00–14:45 Iwan Rees (Cardiff) Contemporary Varieties of Welsh in Chubut Province, Argentina: Some Preliminary Findings
14:45–15:30 Eeva Sippola (Bremen) Hispanization and language attrition before shift – a case study on Finnish in Misiones.
15:30–15:45 Coffee break
15:45–16:30 Eeva Sippola (Bremen) & Carolin Patzelt (Bremen) Project presentation: Contact-induced Language Change in Migrant Languages: Processes of Hispanization in the Welsh and French language in Argentina