Malta Centre


Besides the ongoing work with the Maltese Library, the Malta Centre currently focuses on three main projects.

Typological Database of Maltese

In order to include Maltese more frequently in typological studies and make it typologically more visible, we are creating a database of the typological features of Maltese. Starting from the WALS (World Atlas of Linguistic Structure), in which 41 of 191 data points are documented for Maltese, we try to close the gaps in the typological description of Maltese. The resulting database is will be made available on the pages of the Malta Centre.

Bibliography of Maltese Linguistics

The collection and subsequent ontological indexing of publications on the Maltese language is one of the long-term goals of the Malta Centre. Using up-to-date bibliographical technology, we strive to create a publication database which is both flexible in terms of medium (print and web), as well as fully searchable by keywords and linguistic subfields. This bibliography will be made available on these pages.

Pilot project on dialectal Variation in Malta

With this pilot project, we try to lay the foundation for the description of dialects on the Maltese Isles. After the development of suitable questionnaires and other data-gathering methods, students of Linguistics at the University of Bremen will gather first sets of data on dialectal variation during a fieldwork trip to Malta. These first results will then be made available on these pages in the form of dialect maps.