System Name
B2Z list of NLG systems
System Builders DiMarco,Hovy,Hirst,Wanner
Development Dates 1995-1998
Languages English
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Builds on: KPML


generation of medical information


Main reference

C. DiMarco, G. Hirst, L. Wanner, and J. Wilkinson.
HealthDoc: Customizing patient information and health education by medical condition and personal characteristics.
In First International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Patient Education, Glasgow, August 1995.

Chrysanne DiMarco, Graeme Hirst, and Eduard H. Hovy.
Generation by selection and repair as a method for adapting text for the individual reader.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Flexible Hypertext, 8th ACM International Hypertext Conference, Southampton, May 1997.

L. Wanner and E. Hovy.
The HealthDoc Sentence Planner.
In INLG'96, pages 1--10, Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex, 1996.

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