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System Builders Oberlander, Mellish, O'Donnell, Knott
Development Dates 1995-1998
Languages English
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Builds on: WAG


ILEX is a system for generating labels for items in an electronic museum or retail catalogue, in such a way as to reflect the interest of the user and also opportunistically to further certain educational goals. Developed in cooperation with the National Museums of Scotland, Interactive Information and VIS Interactive Media.

The current version of the system, Ilex2.0, produces textual descriptions of objects in a museum gallery. The user is presented with a set of objects, and chooses objects to be described by clicking, as in a conventional hypertext. When an object is selected, a description is produced on-line, which is tailored to the user and the communicative context.

An online demonstration is available here.


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Available at \tt

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link Main reference

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