This list of natural language generation systems is an outgrowth of an original list presented in Zock and Adorni's (1996) Introduction to Trends in natural language generation: an artificial intelligence perspective (Adorni/Zock, eds., Springer, 1996, pp1-16). That list presented one-line entries for around 100 generation systems (an HTML converted version of that list can be seen here). This list builds on the considerable bibliographical detail that was required for that original list and adds further short descriptions and references for the systems covered.

Starting with the third release of the list, updates are made continuously whenever we are made aware of systems not covered, or when further information concerning systems is sent to us. In addition, each system was given its own information page. This means that there is much more room for some of the information in the database to make its way out to the surface. This also means that there are more chances for information to be inaccurate too! -- so check out your system to see if you want anything changed. Now all of the references recorded for each system are displayed on the information page instead of only the first one as in the previous release. There is now also more room for more informative short paragraphs if anyone wants to submit such (which could also contain further hyperlinks, images, etc.).

Please contribute!

Our aim is to make this list as complete and comprehensive as possible, as well as to provide useful starting points for anyone searching for information concening particular concrete systems that have been constructed for NLG of any kind.

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