List of systems still without a citation of any form...

There are currently 13 uncited systems listed.

These still have no reference in a published paper, book, dissertation, or technical report... If you know of any, please email us!

unnamed (Harper et al.)
Anthem (Ceusters)
CHARON (Kohl,Eisele, Momma,Dörre, Geltz,Netter, Kärcher, Tappe, Frank, Meier, van Geenhoven)
CLINT (Gedalia,Elhadad)
ELU (unclaimed)
ILIAD (Bates, Ingria)
KISS-Lexicalizer (Kiss B.V.)
PlayMoBild (Neumann, van Noord)
TEXPLAN (Maybury)
UNL (Schütz,Becker)
VM-GECO (Finkler)
VM-GECO-II (Finkler)

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