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January 2000 —December 2009

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Welcome to the fourth major release of John Bateman and Michael Zock's list of Natural Language Generation Systems...

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Many thanks to those of you who continue to improve, correct and add to the information in this list. We are still checking and refining entries. We are aiming to make this list not only COMPLETE but also a repository for accessible information concerning all the systems it contains... Information concerning over 340 Natural Language Generation systems (somewhat loosely defined) is currently available. Additions/corrections are therefore welcome as ever.

We encourage contributors to provide informative short paragraphs concerning their (or any one else's) systems, which may also contain further hyperlinks, images, etc. Online bibliographical entries are also appropriately linked in to provide instant access. This release also contains some overviews of the data, which also reveal some gaps in the information that is available. Two overviews are given (clickable above): the languages generated and the application domains in which systems are active. If your system is not properly represented, please let us know!

Three basic instances of the list are maintained:

There is also an index of the names of system builders mentioned in the tables available here.

All of these were created automatically from the underlying database, and so there may well still be some errors and oddnesses to be removed. Note also that the bibliography source is BibTex and there is still occasionally some LaTex-ese left uncorrected. The underlying bibliographical database (which contains more than just the NLG-related entries used here) can be found here, and the particular extract induced by the entries in this list are here.

Finally, there are the usual disclaimers since mistakes may always creep in: apologies for these in advance. We'll do our best to update out any mistakes that you inform us of as soon as we can.

If you have recently developed an NLG system, please let us know the details so that we can add it to the list!
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John Bateman
University of Bremen


Michael Zock
Laboratoire d'informatique fondamentale de Marseille


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