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Using the bibliography without LaTeX

One of the ways that is it possible to use the bibliography without BibTeX is to get theTex2rtf program. This lets you convert simple LaTeX files to rtf for easy loading into Word. The great thing about this is that you get the same automatic bibliography construction that you get with BibTex.

You do have to use a slightly simplied version of the BibTeX bibliography file however. I will keep a version that is compatible with tex2rtf on this page. This has the same entries as the main file, but just some of the more fine detail is missing (e.g., URLs, notes)..

  • version of the 00.bib file simplified for use with tex2rtf (zipped; last update: 19. Feb 2005)
  • perl script for converting a full BibTeX bibliography into the kind of entries that tex2rtf is happy with (in progress: not off the .txt extension of course before using)

John Bateman
Last Page Update:19th February 2005