7th International Conference on Maltese Linguistics

Jagiellonian University Kraków, 10-11 July 2019


Kirsty Azzopardi (Malta)
The verb sequence ‘V1+V2’ in Maltese
Sebastian Bednarowicz (Bydgoszcz)
The semantic structure of adjectives referring to the holiness in Maltese and Arabic languages
Sandro Caruana (Malta), Sergio Portelli (Malta), Laura Mori (Rome)
Maltese seen through the eyes of the Eurolect Observatory Multilingual Corpus
Ray Fabri (Malta)
The lexical ta’ construction
Erika Just (Kiel), Slavomír Čéplö (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
A corpus based analysis of differential object indexing in Maltese
Christopher Lucas (SOAS, London), Michael Spagnol (Malta)
Word-final /n/ in Maltese
Jessica Nieder (Düsseldorf), Ruben van de Vijver (Düsseldorf), Holger Mitterer (Malta)
Don't go breaking my sound (plural)
Benjamin Saade (Bremen)
From Maltese pronouns towards a typology of pronominal cellmates
Michael Spagnol (Malta), Ruben Farrugia (Malta)
Lexical Variation in the Dialects of Malta and Gozo
Thomas Stolz (Bremen), Nataliya Levkovych (Bremen)
Different Maltese ways of being in Sydney (and elsewhere). On the formal variation of expressing Place with toponyms
Przemysław Turek (Kraków)
Semitic, Sicilian-Italian and English Elements in Literary Maltese in the 2nd decade of the 3rd Millennium - preliminary observations
Alexandra Vella (Malta)
The intonation of imperatives and vocatives in Maltese, and a first glance at exclamatives
Alexandra Vella (Malta), Ruben Farrugia (Malta), Michael Spagnol (Malta)
Combinatorial restrictions on vowel sequences in CVCVC words in Maltese
Maike Vorholt (Bremen)
Can frequency predict length?
Andrei Zammit (Malta), Slavomír Čéplö (Slovak Academy of Sciences), Lonneke van der Plas (Malta), Claudia Borg (Malta)
A Dependency Parser for Maltese - Comparing the impact of transfer learning from Romance and Semitic Languages