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The Bremen Ontology Research Group

as part of the Collaborative Research Center on Spatial Cognition

Members of the research group
John Bateman FB10, Linguistics + SFB/TR8 Linguistic ontologies and ontology of language, ontological modules, NLP, spatial ontology, spatial language, document ontologies
Joana Hois SFB/TR8, I1-OntoSpace Ontology specification, embodiment, probabilistic mappings, ontological modules and imprecise knowledge
Oliver Kutz SFB/TR8, I1-OntoSpace Formal foundations of ontology, ontology mappings, E-connections, Distributed Ontology Language
Alexander Garcia-Castro EU IP OASIS, FB10 Development Methodologies for Ontologies, Ontology Repositories, Social tagging and ontologies
Immanuel Normann EU IP OASIS, FB10 Formal foundations of ontology and modelling, ontological modularity, ontology quality control
Bernd Krieg-Brückner FB3, Informatics Safe systems, ontology of space, route graph ontology, formal methods, algebraic methods
Till Mossakowski FB3, Informatics Algebraic methods, formal logic, ontology modeling, formal tools, CASL, HETS, Distributed Ontology Language
Luis Ramos FB10 Ontologies for production processes and products
Thora Tenbrink SFB/TR8 Spatial ontology and spatial language
Associates and previous members
Scott Farrar SFB/TR8, I1-OntoSpace Linguistic ontologies, ontologies of linguistics, spatial ontology
Klaus Lüttich FB3, Informatics Algebraic methods, formal logic, ontology modeling, formal tools , CASL, CASL-DL
Stefan Müller FB10, Linguistics Linguistic semantics





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