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Talk overheads given at the Upper Ontology Summit at NIST, March 2006 by Bateman/Mossakowski on
"Ontologies for spatial reasoning, action and interaction"
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Linguistic ontology: generalized upper model (2005 onwards)
  Browse the most up to date stable version of the GUM OwlSight
  The generalized Upper Model has now been redesigned in OWL and CASL ( a first -order logic algebraic specification language). Overview
Current revisions and versions Details
Original Loom version (slightly revised) Loom file (GUM 2.2)
  [signature 0.8 ]

Linguistic ontology: origins: Penman upper model + merged upper model (1994)
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  Version used in the KPML natural language generation system up to 2004 Loom file
OWL version created by Leo Ferres, Human-Oriented Technology Lab, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

OWL file


Flyer for the Ontology Working Group in the SFB/TR8

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