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Using the supplied bibtex-file with LaTeX and BibTeX

If you are intending to use the supplied bibtex-file (00.bib [zipped][gzipped]) with LaTeX/BibTeX then it would be very helpful if additions and changes could make their way back into the single file 00.bib for others.

One suggested way to use the file is then as follows:

  1. Create your own file(s) of new bibliographical entry additions (lets call them new.bib for sake of illustration)

  2. Create a further file of corrections to the 00.bib file if necessary (lets call them corrections.bib)

  3. Use in your LaTeX-documents the bibliography reference:

    This will ensure (a) that the corrections apply, (b) that you have all the entries in 00.bib, and (c) that you have your new entries too.

  4. At some convenient time, send me the file corrections.bib so that I can update/correct the 00.bib file appropriately

  5. If you wish (and I would encourage you to!), send me also the file(s) new.bib for adding into the file 00.bib. All such entries are tagged with an identifier for the person who supplied them and can be retrieved subsequently from the virtual bibliography page (unless you tell me you don't want this). For this, the entries should fall within the general scope of the bibliography at large as described on the home page.

If you add topic tags to your bibliography entries, then that is even better, and they can get picked out on the area search page.

John Bateman