Example sets generated for language JAPANESE at 16-9-2002 22:44:42

Resource Description:
(This prototype Japanese grammar inherits from the Nigel grammar of English.)
It was developed and implemented by Bernhard Hauser as part of his Diplomarbeit at the Technical University of Darmstadt in 1995. The work was carried out at the Darmstadt GMD (now Frauenhofer) Institute IPSI.

The bibliographical citation for the work is:

  author =	 {Bernhard Hauser},
  year =	 1995,
  title =	 {{Multilinguale Textgenerierung am Beispiel des
  note =	 {(Diplomarbeit, {Technische Hochschule Darmstadt})},
  school =	 {{Technische Hochschule Darmstadt}}

The grammar used for generating the examples shown here can be downloaded in full here. Any recent version of KPML can be used to generate with this resource set. The resource includes the current examples, the complete grammar definition and some example lexicon files.

Provision is included for generation with Kanji but this would need to be dusted off for the Lisp version you are using; the included files were generating Kanji, Hira- and Katakana appropriate with Emacs-Mule under Unix ACL 4.3. To what extent they are already compatible with Unicode would need to be looked at; for an already updated treatment of character variation see the Chinese resources.