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Annotations (6)

  • rdfs:comment "The Generalized Upper Model 3.0 (GUM 3.0) is a linguistically motivated ontology,
    which aims primarily to mediate between natural language and application components.
    It is based on the semantic perspective of natural language as described in Halliday
    and Matthiessen [1999]. Therefore the concepts of the GUM ontology are influenced
    strongly by the lexicogrammar of natural language and they are applicable in arbitrary
    domains. The complete model and all of its concepts and principles are described
    in detail in Bateman et al. [2006a], its underlying experimental linguistic results and
    language analysis are documented in Bateman et al. [2006b]. Currently, the Generalized
    Upper Model 3.0 is represented in OWL DL."
  • rdfs:comment "This is the spatial module of GUM 3.0 which extends "GUM-3.owl" with spatial notions."(xsd:string)
  • rdfs:comment "developers: University of Bremen, SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition, I1-[OntoSpace]
  • rdfs:label "GUM 3 spatial extension."(xsd:string)
  • owl:versionInfo "1.1, 13 Oct 2008"(xsd:string)
  • owl:versionInfo "license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/"(xsd:string)


Imports (1)

  • GUM-3.owl