English-Speaking Cultures


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Informationen zur Sprachpraxis

Die Veranstaltungen im Bereich Spracherwerb Englisch sind ausschließlich für eingetragene Studierende des Studiengangs English-Speaking Cultures (B.A.) zugänglich.

Studierende anderer Fachbereiche informieren sich über das Englisch-Angebot des Fremdsprachenzentrums der Hochschulen im Lande Bremen (FZHB) bitte über den Aushang bzw. die Webseiten des FZHB.

Please read these notes carefully. For the most up-to-date information about language classes, consult the English Sprachpraxis notice board opposite A 3150 in GW2.

Self-access language learning resources

Self-Access Learning Centre (Selbstlernzentrum) and FB 10 CIP Labs

In addition to networked computers with Internet access, the Self-Access Learning Centre offers a selection of oral/aural and written material (English-language films; video and audio tapes on a wide range of subjects; grammar and pronunciation exercises; practice material for the sprachpraktische Nachweise, Sprachtest II, TOEFL, IELTS and other internationally recognized tests; grammar books) to enable students to get some of the practice outside classes which they need to acquire near-native competence. Current issues of the English-language newspaper The Guardian are available.

The entrance to the Self-Access Learning Centre is B 3070 (on your left as you face the Turm C lifts on the third floor of GW 2).

The FB 10 CIP Labs (GW 2, A 3390 and A 3340) are outfitted with standard (Microsoft) office software and desktop publishing tools (scanning and text recognition software, graphic editors, HTML editors, and the like), as well as useful tools like Mind Manager – for collecting and organizing your thoughts before you start writing, Speech Analyzer – for recording spoken language and converting it to IPA, and WordSmith linguistic tools, which include a concordancing program that can help you refine your command of English vocabulary, idioms, and collocations.