English-Speaking Cultures
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Im Wintersemester 2020/21 können alle Module und damit alle Studiengänge des Fachbereichs 10 online und digital studiert werden. Einzelne Veranstaltungen und Veranstaltungssequenzen finden mit den üblichen Abständen und Hygieneregeln auch in Präsenz statt, etwa Foschungsseminare, (spachpraktische) Übungen oder Tutorien. Details zu allen Lehrveranstaltungen finden Sie in den Veranstaltungsprogrammen der Studiengänge und in Stud.IP.

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English-Speaking Cultures


“London in Literature – Literary London” (Katalina Kopka & Dr Jana Nittel)

Brexit postponed – it is time to Join us for the London Excursion August 5-12, 2019 (still 8 places available)

This trip continues a longstanding tradition (since 2010) which has been established in faculty 10 in that it offers students a weekly excursion to London every third year. Having adjusted the focus of this trip around six major topic choices: Queer London; Women Writers and London; London’s Imperial Past and Postcolonial Present; London Theatreland and the Shakespearean Stage; London and Crime, and London and the Long Eighteen Century this seven-day excursion offers now a variety of research activities and experiential learning, promising this to be a yet another brilliant study experience.

General Studies course: CPs to be negotiated


  • All Students registered in the following course programmes: M.A. E-SC; M.A. TnL; M.Ed. Englisch and B.A. E-SC.;
  • Non-EU nationals need to enquire about visa regulations regarding their entry to the UK as we are unable to refund any payments.

Requirements: If possible please register and attend the following course: “London in Literature – Literary London: A Literary and Cultural Journey across the Centuries” (VAK: 10-76-4-D2/WD2-01). We would also like you to try to attend as many pre-departure meetings regarding our excursion as possible.

We offer (part of the €350, 00 contribution and financial support of faculty 10):

  • Accommodation in LSE Bankside Hostel in twin and triple rooms with shared bathroom facilities and breakfast included (7 nights);
  • Entry fees to museums, tickets for theatre performances, guided museum tours, Globe Education Workshop, and heritage sites.

Additional Costs:

  • €350,00 per student to be transferred until April 25th, 2019,
  • Flight to and from London and airport transfer,
  • Weekly Travel card 1-3 in London
  • Food and Drink.

Please send an email to Katalina Kopka (Kopka@uni-bremen.de) and Dr. Jana Nittel (jnittel@uni-bremen.de) and include the following information:

  • Full name, student number and the name of your study programme

We look forward to an exciting trip!

All our best wishes,

Katalina Kopka and Jana Nittel

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"Shakespeare’s London and Shakespeare’s Globe"

“Shakespeare’s London and Shakespeare’s Globe” is an excursion that takes you to London to experience the city on two levels simultaneously: not only will you be able to have a look around today’s London, but you will also feel transported back in time to the historic city of Shakespeare’s day. You will wander around London’s oldest churches and theatres such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Rose Theatre (Bankside’s first theatre, built in 1587), and explore the city in your spare time. Moreover, you will take part in practical workshops headed by Shakespeare’s Globe staff and experience two plays in the theatre itself.

The excursions are organized by two of Bremen University’s experts on Shakespeare and Elizabethan London, namely Practical Language Skills teacher Michael Claridge [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/lehrpersonal/claridge.aspx] , who also runs the English-language drama group for students at Faculty 10, The Parlement of Foules [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/kultur/foules/default.aspx] , and university lecturer Dr Jana Nittel [http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/lehrpersonal/nittel.aspx] . Excursions last six full days and seven nights. Although the cost for travel, accommodation, workshops, theatre performances etc., are partially subsidized, all participants are required to financially contribute towards the overall costs of the excursion. In general, students may acquire credit points by partaking in the excursion as well as the accompanying seminar consisting of several workshop sessions in the previous semester. To date we have three documented excursions, which took place in 2011, 2013 and our most recent in 2016