MA Language Sciences: Multimodal Linguistics

Beginning in the winter semester 2013, applications are invited for the multimodal linguistics specialization of the Bremen University Language Sciences Masters programme. Courses introducing the fundamentals of multimodal linguistics will be followed by individual and group-oriented research projects in multimodality.


Particular specializations include film, comics, visual narrative, and static and dynamic documents.


Courses so far:

  • Introduction to Multimodal Analysis
  • Analyzing Narrative Strategies in Comics and Film
  • Analyzing Genre and Ideology in Multimodal Text
  • Annotating Film for Corpus-Based Analysis
  • Film, Sound, Music

Possible Research Projects to follow:

  • Corpus-based analysis of film genre and genres
  • Multimodal discourse analysis
  • Multimodal cohesion analyses
  • Relations between comics and film
  • Narratology and visual narration
  • Film and materiality
  • Film and space

Application prerequisites: a BA or equivalent in linguistics or related discipline.

For further information, please contact Prof. John A. Bateman

Please find all related information at a glance here (pdf).