Bremen Masterclasses on Multimodality

Neue Termine für Masterclasses im Wintersemester 2016/2017

Masterclasses 2016/2017

02. November 2016 | Daniela Maduro, Universität Bremen
Electronic Literature: Digital Media and Textuality
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010

23. November 2016 | Christoph Wolf, Universität Bremen
Visual Layout in Japanese Manga – A Comparative Diachronic Study
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010

30. November 2016 | Paulina Burczynska, SensoMotoric Instruments, Berlin
Exploring Multimodal Linguistics with Eye-Tracking Technology
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010

07. Dezember 2016 | Kristy Beers Fägersten, Södertörns Högskola Stockholm
Alcohol Consumption in Swedish Comic Strips
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010

21. Dezember 2016 | Sue Hood, University of Technology, Sydney
Exploring the Collaboration of Language and Body Language in Structuring Knowledge and Pedagogy in a Law Lecture
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010

11. Januar 2017| Arne Krause, Universität Hamburg
Multimodality in Academic Teaching and Learning
12.15-13.45 in GW2 B3010