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The workshop Advances in Kartvelian Morphology and Syntax (AKMS) is the tenth in a series of international conferences entitled Caucasian Language Issues (Kaukasische Sprachprobleme). The previous event in this series, Kaukasische Sprachprobleme IX  [] , was held in 2001 in Oldenburg, Germany.

The present workshop will take place in Bremen, Germany, September 29–30, 2009 as part of a series of fifteen international conferences on the occasion of the Festival of languages (Bremen/Germany, 17 September – 7 October, 2009), organised by the Institute of General and Applied Linguistics (IAAS) at the University of Bremen.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss recent developments in the study of morphology and syntax of the Kartvelian language family. Abstracts for 20 minute talks (plus 10 minute discussion) will be considered on topics relating to the synchronic or diachronic study of Kartvelian languages from any theoretical perspective. Submissions from any scholar (including graduate students) working on Kartvelian morphology and syntax are welcome.

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The conference will be hosted by the University of Bremen (Germany). For details on various aspects of the venue please consult the following pages:

Programme and Abstracts

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If after the workshop there sufficient interest in publishing the proceedings as a special journal issue or in some other form, the organizers will take responsibility of finding a suitable forum and will act as editors.

Conference fees:

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Conference fees
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until 15/8/2009 100 € 50 €
after 15/8/2009 150 € 75 €

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