Tuesday, September 29


9:00– Registration
9:45–10:00 Official opening ceremony


10:00–11:00 Winfried Boeder (University of Oldenburg) Anaphora in Svan texts
11:00–11:15 Coffee break
11:15–12:00 Tamar Makharoblidze (Tbilisi State University) The functions of Georgian preverbs
12:00–12:45 Manana Kobaidze (Malmö University) Towards the morphological and syntactical classification of the Georgian verbs
12:45–14:15 Lunch break
Alice C. Harris (SUNY Stony Brook) Affixes and Clitics in Georgian
15:15–15:30 Coffee break
15:30–16:15 Yasuhiro Kojima (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) The position of rom in subordinate clauses in Georgian
16:15–17:00 René Lacroix (Université de Lyon 2) The origin of Set II cross-referencing suffixes in the Kartvelian languages

Poster Session Special

17:00–17:30 Short presentation of posters – programme see below

Social Event

20:00 Conference Dinner


Wednesday, September 30


10:00–11:00 Kevin Tuite (Université de Montréal) The Kartvelian Suffixal Intransitive
11:00–11:15 Coffee break
11:15–12:00 Ketevany Gadiliya (Institute for Bible translation, Moscow) On some features of imperative in modern Georgian
12:00–12:45 Silvia Kutscher (University of Cologne) The expression of spatial relations in Laz (Ardeşen variety)
12:45–14:15 Lunch break
14:15–15:00 Stavros Skopeteas (Potsdam University) Caroline Féry (Potsdam University) Prosodic phrasing and syntactic structure in Georgian
15:00–15:45 Final discussion


Poster Session
Throughout the conference, there will be a poster session. Authors of posters are kindly asked to answer questions during the coffee breaks.
 cancelled Natia Amaghlobeli (Tbilisi) Morphological aspects of Georgian electronic language
  Shukia Apridonidze (Tbilisi) On Some Criteria for Transitivity of Verbs in Georgian Compared to Some Caucasian and Indo-European Languages
  Maia Lomia (Tbilisi) Rusudan Gersamia (Tbilisi) On a Hypotactic Construction in Megrelian
  Natia Putkaradze (Tbilisi State University) Reflexives in Megrelian speech in relation to the evidence of standard Georgian