1st International Conference of Maltese Linguistics
Bremen, October 18 – 20, 2007

Thursday, October 18

Session A: Maltese and beyond

8:30–9.30 Registration (SFG 2020)
9:30–9:45 Official opening ceremony
9:45–10:30 Dónall Ó Riágain (Dublin) Into the Big League: the challenges facing Maltese and Irish as official working languages of the European Union
10:30–11:15 Sandro Caruana (Malta) Maltese in the EU: a case of linguistic "Europeanisation"?
11:15 Coffee break
11:30–12:15 Bernard Comrie (Leipzig) Maltese and the World Atlas of Language Structures
12:15–13:00 Utz Maas (Osnabrück) Complex predicates in Maltese - in the perspective of Neo-Arabic
13:00 Lunch break (Café Unique)
14:00–14:45 Alexander Borg (Beer Sheeva) The Arabic lexicon at the periphery: lexical stratification in Maltese

Session B: Phonology

14:45–15:30 Alexandra Vella (Malta) On Maltese Prosody or The Intonational Phonology of Maltese
15:30 Coffee break
15:45–16:30 Ray Fabri (Malta) Samantha Gett (Ohio State) Elizabeth Hume (Ohio State) Alexandra Vella (Malta) Vowel length and <gh> in Maltese
16:30–17:15 Sumikazu Yoda (Osaka) The Vowel System of Cantilena

Session C: Variation, Lexicon and Text

17:15–18:00 Dominique Caubet (Paris) Towards a dialectological atlas of Maltese: questions to be raised
18:00 Coffee break
18:15–19:00 Lisa Bonnici (Davis) Language Variation in Bilingual Malta: A model for the study of English in Europe
19:00–19:45 Laura Mori (Viterbo) The shaping of Maltese along the centuries: linguistic evidence through a diachronic-typological analysis
20:15 Dinner in the Haus am Walde


Friday, October 19

Session D: Morphology

9:45–10:30 Abdou Elimam (Oran) Preverbs in Maltese and Maghrebi
10:30–11:15 Alina Twist (Tucson) On the structure of Maltese loan verbs
11:15 Coffee break
11:30–12:15 Christel Stolz (Bremen) Loan-word gender in Maltese
12:15–13:00 Ray Fabri (Malta) Compounding in Maltese
13:00 Lunch break (Café Unique)
14:00–14:45 Manwel Mifsud (Malta) 'Imma l-oriġinal oriġinali?': a noun-adjective opposition in some Maltese word classes of Romance origin

Session E: Psycholinguistics

14:45–15:30 Helen Grech (Malta) Barbara Dodd (Queensland) Effects of Language Learning Context on Phonological Acquisition: data from Maltese children
15:30–16:15 Adam Ussishkin (Tucson) Alina Twist (Tucson) Lexical access in Maltese using visual and auditory lexical decision

Business Meeting

17:30 Foundation of L-Għaqda Internazzjonali tal-Lingwistika Maltija

Cultural Programme

19:00–20:00 Clare Azzopardi (Malta) Reads from her translation of Harry Potter vol. 1 into Maltese
20:00–22:00 Banquet: Maltese Fenkata
22:30 Walter Micallef Pop Malti


Saturday, October 20

Session F: Syntax

9:45–10:30 Martine Vanhove (Villejuif) The nominal quantifier <xi> in Maltese: polysemy and semantic invariant
10:30–11:15 Thomas Stolz (Bremen) Splitting the VP in literary Maltese
11:15 Coffee break
11:30–12:15 Albert Borg (Malta) Marie Azzopardi-Alexander (Malta) Topicalisation in Maltese

Session G: A plethora of topics

12:15–13:00 Elgar-Paul Magro (Paris) On some aspects of spontaneous speech in Maltese
13:00 Lunch break (Catering Service)
14:00–14:45 Joseph Brincat (Malta) Reflections on the developments of o > u and uCC > oCC in Maltese
14:45–15:30 Antoinette Camilleri-Grima (Malta) Diglossia: Variation on a theme
15:30 Coffee break
15:45–16:30 Fernande Krier (Paris) The sentence without verb in Maltese
16:30–17:15  Albert Gatt (Aberdeen) The semantics of possession
17:30–18:00 Final general discussion
19:30 Dinner in the Restaurant Hermann Post


Poster Session
Throughout the conference, there will be a poster session in room SFG 2010. Authors of posters are kindly asked to answer questions during the coffee breaks.
  Vincent Taohsun Chang (Taipei) A cognitive-pragmatic approach to contemporary Maltese discourse topic
  Stefan Müller (FU Berlin) Towards a HPSG-based description of modern Maltese
  John Peterson (Osnabrück) On pseudo-verbs in Maltese
  Mike Rosner (Malta) Ray Fabri (Malta) Duncan Attard (Malta) Albert Gatt (Malta) Michael Spagnol (Malta) The Maltese Language Resource Server: building an electronic lexicon and corpus for Maltese
  Thomas Stolz (Bremen) Andreas Ammann (Bremen) News on the Maltese inchoative
  Flavia Chetcuti (Malta) Sarah Grech (Malta) Michael Spagnol (Malta) Alexandra Vella (Malta) SPeech ANnotation: Developing Guidelines for Maltese Corpora