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Igor Dreer
from Israel wrote on 29 October 2009
at 07:59

I subscribe to the previous opinions. This was a very fruitful and interesting conference!

Steven Roger Fischer
from New Zealand wrote on 28 October 2009
at 20:29

What a grand success! It was certainly the most historic series of linguistic conferences--and linguistic public outreach, a veritable "Festival of Languages"--ever to have been held. My congratulations to Thomas Stolz and the whole wonderful team for this splendid accomplishment. It was an honour, and a joy, to have participated and to have got to know Bremen and it beautiful people better. As one says on Easter Island: "Maururu nui" ... Thank you very much!

Rosa Salas Paloma
from Guam wrote on 27 October 2009
at 07:59

No matter the size of our participants, I found the participation and participants to be of great interest and linguistically and educationally challenging to my brain. The experience was wonderful, fantastic, and look forward to the next step. Si Yu'os ma'ase' to you and all the individuals who worked very hard to make this possible, especially bringing us to Bremen.

Martine Vanhove
from France wrote on 26 October 2009
at 18:03

I am happy and proud to have been part of this wonderful and amazing festival during two weeks. Thanks to you Thomas and to all your dedicated team. Hope you could all have some rest after this marathon!

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